What You Need to Know About Olive Oil

Olive Oil

You’ve heard it time and again—olive oil is good for YOU!  But, did you know that extra virgin olive oil has the most anti-inflammatory benefits? EVOO comes from the first press of the olives (other grades of olive oil come from the second round of pressing). This means that EVOO has a higher concentration of phytochemicals, nutrients that protect your body from disease. Take your EVOO a step further by buying cold expeller pressed. Cold pressed is a method of extracting the oil from the olives gently in a heat-controlled environment, preventing the oil from reaching flavor and nutrient damaging temperatures.  Expeller pressed means the process is done without any chemicals.  Many conventional oils are extracting using a hexane-extraction method.

Next time you are shopping, go for cold expeller pressed extra virgin olive oil, which equates to no chemicals used, heat-controlled, and contains only the oil from the first pressing.  It’s March afterall, and this is the premium green stuff, so go grab a bottle and be sure the label includes all of our key words.

NLT: Try olive oil…on dessert! Drizzle 1 teaspoon of cold expeller pressed EVOO on ½ cup vanilla bean ice cream with 1/8 teaspoon of fresh ground black pepper, a pinch of salt. Sweet and salty and the perfect conscious indulgence.

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