Water can be sexy!

water pitcher with lemon.jpg

Our bodies are up to 75% water.  One of the most common reasons people are sluggish in the afternoon is due to dehydration.  If we don’t drink enough water, we become tired, and our bodies really slow down: we don’t even metabolize food properly!  It is a must to get your water in and there are plenty of ways to make plain ol’ water more exciting, like adding fresh mint or strawberry slices, or going bubbly with your favorite seltzer! Regardless of how you take your water, drink up!

NLT: Water is so important to me that I came up with 3 water varieties in my latest book Slim Calm Sexy Diet.  For a blazing boost to your metabolism try my Slimming Water.  To keep your cool when feeling anxious or agitated, give my Calming Water a try.  When you’re feeling sexy, be sure to sip on Sexy Water to keep that flirtatious feeling!

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