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2 Reasons to Have a Healthy Sex Life

Q: You’re a nutritionist. Why in the world do you talk about sex? A: Having a healthy sex life means different things to different people. So when I ask my clients about theirs, I’ve seen more than a few jaws drop in my days. Why am I digging into this topic? As part of a… Read This Entry »

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Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

  It’s new year’s resolutions time! Again. Sigh. Is your resolution this year the same one you had last year because you kinda fell off the wagon some time in, oh, February? Well, then, my advice to you is to scrap the whole resolutions thing altogether. You heard me right. Scrap ’em. I’m obviously not… Read This Entry »

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New Years Resolutions Start Today

I’ve never been a big fan of new years resolutions. Even though I love that google search histories are dominated by “healthy dinner ideas” and “healthy snacks” and “how to eat healthy” around the new year, by February the healthy eating novelty often wears off and January’s healthy searches are replaced with “weight loss supplements” and… Read This Entry »

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Is Having Willpower Actually a Bad Thing?

You wouldn’t have polished off that pint of Ben & Jerry’s had you had more willpower, right? Weakling. But, then again, you tried to eat in moderation. And anything is fine in moderation, right? Besides, you had a guilt free dinner first, so you have no reason to feel guilty… If all those instagrams, pins,… Read This Entry »

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4 Benefits of Sex You Need to Know About

Q: I’ve heard one benefit of sex is weight loss. Is it true? A: I’m an open book, put it all out there kind of person with most things. But I am not a ‘hey peops, let’s chat about sex’ kind of free spirit. Sex is personal and everyone has different boundaries with this topic. However, the… Read This Entry »

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Five Common Foods to Lose Weight

Eat foods to lose weight? Yep. Aren’t you tired of NOT eating things you love so you can reach your weight loss goals? I am. The more I think about not eating my favorite chocolate chip cookies, the warm baguette, the salted caramel ice cream or the cheesy lasagna — oh, I could go on… Read This Entry »

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Easy Breakfast Ideas for Breakfast Haters

Alright breakfast haters, this one’s for you. I’m determined to make you a breakfast can’t-live-without-er. You don’t need me to tell you to eat a healthy breakfast. You’ve heard it a million times. I’ve told you before that eating a snack or breakfast within an hour of waking up is important to kick start your… Read This Entry »