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Drink Up

NA Challenge: Drink Water (64 Ounces!) Every Day

We want to follow your drinking progress! Don’t forget to #NutritiousAbundance #DrinkUp and tag @keriglassman so we can check out what you are drinking! Ahhh….water!  Your body is about 60% water.  Yes, this means your skin, muscles, and brain are mostly water, making proper hydration key to a healthy body.  Good ol’ H2O is the… Read This Entry »

Beauty & Self Care

4 Ways to Fight Winter Skin With Food

  Winter skin is upon us, and I just heard a collective sigh. Cozy sweaters, colorful scarves, fuzzy earmuffs—all things we love when the temperature drops outside. But flaky skin, scaly patches, and itchy itches are the things nobody loves that come with the territory. Rather than succumbing to winter’s wrath, I want you to combat… Read This Entry »

Coffee, Tea & Beverages

CAN DO: Teatime Challenge

  Every #MotivationMonday I’m challenging you to bring out a slightly better version of YOU…by Friday. This week I am challenging you to drink two cups of unsweetened green tea each day.  Tea is the second most slurped beverage (second only to water) in the world and if you are not partaking, well, it’s about… Read This Entry »

Drink Up

Green Tea On-The-Go

Oh that blistering heat of summer…It encourages us to drink up all kinds of beverages! But, we shouldn’t drink to simply to stay hydrated; drinks can be healthy too. Beverages like coffee, wine and certain teas allow us to add loads of antioxidants into our diets. As a reminder, antioxidants scavenge our bodies for cell-damaging free radicals, helping… Read This Entry »