Steam Things Up for Better Sleep


It’s warming up outside, but harsh, winter conditions may still be lingering inside; the dryness and dust in re-circulated office air and home heating systems can be enough to keep your sinuses stuffy for weeks at a time. Adding moisture to the air in your space gives your upper respiratory system a break.  Studies show that even people with breathing problems, who sleep with a humidifier feel far more refreshed upon awakening than others. Heading to bed at night should be restorative, not depleting…

NLT: Steam things up. If you need a quick fix to clear your sinuses and wake up dry skin, try heating 1-2 cups of water in a pan on your stove until just steaming (no hotter!). Add 2-3 drops of lavender or jasmine essential oil for a calming scent, or eucalyptus oil to open your airways. Place a large bath towel over your head, lean over the pan, and make a “tent” with the towel. Slowly breathe in the warm air, allowing the vapor to hydrate your sinuses and your skin. Follow with a good face cream to seal all that moisture in.

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