Sleep Solutions


Sometimes the day’s stress stays with you through the night, preventing you from getting your zzz’s and causing your system undue damage.  Experts suggest taking10 minutes to write down an issue you are dealing with, then write down a solution or plan to deal with it. When you’re ready to shut off the lights, put the list by the bedroom door. That way, if anxiety arises as you’re trying to sleep, you can tell yourself, “I’ve got a plan and I’ll work on it tomorrow.” The reassuring presence of your plan by the door will help you get a better night’s sleep.

NLT: Use a fun journal to encourage you to keep recording—try the ‘Q&A a Day’ 5 Year Journal. It gives you a daily question, including everything from ‘how happy are you right now?’ to ‘where do you most want to travel?’ –when the year is up, go back and repeat to see how and if your answers have changed. Alternatively, you could check out an online diary site which let you keep a private journal online for free. Either way, whether it’s pen to paper or its online counterpart, keep up that journaling to help you achieve deep sleep!

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