Shopping Plan for Lower Stress

Shopping Bags

Black Friday got you feeling blue?  Fighting over parking spaces, wrestling for the last sweater on sale, and pounding countless miles of mall pavement is bound to leave anyone frazzled. Last year 212 million Americans spent $45 billion on Black Friday Weekend.  All this shopping can add stress! Alleviate this seasonal stress by swapping out store shopping for online shopping, and spend the extra time with someone you are thankful for.

NLT: If you must brave the crowds and madness, then follow these 4 Nutritious Life tips to stay on a healthy course:

  1. Make a plan. Don’t just go to the mall expecting to snag a bargain or two.  Make a list of everything you need or want and stick to it. 
  2. Pack snacks. Whether you’re driving, running around from store to store or waiting in line, low blood sugar will make you cranky.  Avoid this by being prepared. 
  3.  Be extra courteous with sales people. You think you’re stressed?  Imagine how they feel having to deal with angry shoppers from the break of dawn until the late evening! Every extra smile or thank you will be much appreciated and make you feel better too. 
  4.   Go early and leave early. Don’t turn shopping into a sport. Get what you need and go do an actual sport or simply relax and enjoy your day off.

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