Nutritious Life Counseling Services

We believe in a “whole person” approach to nutrition. No gimmicks, no liquid cleansing, no starvation plans, no cookie-cutter diets. Rather, we believe people should be eating REAL food in a way that fits into REAL lifestyles. And because everybody likes different kinds of foods and lives different kinds of lifestyles, we create customized plans that work for YOU.

Whether you are out with clients every night for work, running around after kids all day at home, training for your next marathon, looking to live just a little bit healthier, or if you fall anywhere in between, we’ve got you covered. OUR goal is to help you reach YOUR goal…and with decades of experience among our team, we’ve proven we can do it!

Meet with a Nutritious Life Certified Registered Dietitian

While we are busy helping you live a Nutritious Life on tv, in books and online, you can see our Nutritious Life Certified Dietitian Lara Metz and her team of Nutritious Life Certified Dietitians in person!

You can find her team at or call her office at 212-634-6494 for rates, more information and to book an appointment.


Weight Loss & Maintenance

We know how difficult it can be to lose weight, whether it’s the 5 lbs. that recently crept on or a lifelong battle with 100 pounds. Let our team of experts help you make sustainable lifestyle changes so you can lose weight and keep it off forever.

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Wellness, Beauty & Energy

We all want to maintain our youth and be as energetic as possible to enjoy every area of life. If you’ve lost your zest, we’ll help you get your mojo back.
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Emotional Eating & Eating Disorders

Recovering from an eating disorder, disordered eating or emotional eating can be challenging both emotionally and physically. We help you establish new healthy eating patterns and achieve a well-balanced lifestyle.
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Babies, Kids & Teen Nutrition

Got picky eaters? Dealing with food allergies? Underweight or overweight kids? Want to revamp the food culture of your family? No problem! We love the wee ones.

Fertility & Pregnancy

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant (and/or having trouble), currently pregnant or a new mom, we understand your unique needs. We’ll have you “eating for two” the proper way so you and your baby receive the best nutrition.

Sports Nutrition

Whether your goal is to increase lean muscle mass, gain or lose weight, or have a PR in your next race, we’ll help you achieve maximum performance in your sport.

Cardiovascular, Diabetes & Gastrointestinal

Whether you have high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, celiac disease, IBS, or even just a "sensitive" stomach, we’ll guide you on proper nutrition to minimize your symptoms and maximize your life.

Grocery Tours & Pantry Makeover

We can’t eat every meal with you but we can be your personal tour guide through the (sometimes scary) aisles of the grocery store. You’ll also receive a shopping list and helpful tips for a more fun and less stressful experience when you are on your own again.
No more pantry panic, we’ll get you healthy and organized in no time.

Basic Cooking Lesson

If your fridge is storage for winter sweaters and calling for a reservation is your idea of cooking we’ll whip you into culinary shape stat. Or, you may just be ho hum about your same ‘ole grilled chicken. We’ll add a little a variety, fun and simplicity to your nightly routine.


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