September 2011 Sex Ed

Love is in the subway

What’s the key to a long and lasting relationship? Turns out the answer may be as simple as cuddling! Researchers found that men who frequently kiss or cuddle with their partner are more likely to be happy in their relationship, and that taking time to cuddle and kiss can improve one’s sex life, too. Research suggests people with strong, intimate relationships tend to have fewer chronic diseases and to live longer. Snuggle up with that special someone and rev up your relationship!

NLT: Want to brush up on your cuddling skills or learn how to cuddle without your arm falling asleep? Check out the Cuddle Sutra! Yup – an entire book dedicated to the wonderful act of cuddling. With more than 50 different cuddle positions, this book is the perfect way to turn an ordinary night on the couch into an extraordinary night of super snuggling!

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