Couple By A Fire

Can you name the last five times you had sex with your partner? Sometimes it takes a special experience to reignite the passion in a relationship. Sex has been proven to relieve stress, boost immunity, burn calories, improve heart health, and help you sleep better.  You’ve cooked together, you’ve worked out together, you’ve danced together and maybe you even went skydiving together, but when was the last time you did nothing together? Sometimes it’s the “nothing” that leads to the “something” between the sheets…

NLT: Book a room in a rustic hotel… the more secluded the better! Grab your other half and head out of town for a sexy weekend away. Spend your time hiking, snuggling up together in front of the fire, hot tubbing, or doing NOTHING! Whatever you choose, it is sure to rekindle your sex life. What could be better than a steamy getaway?!

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