Quench your Thirst this Spring

water pitcher with lemon.jpg
As the weather starts to heat up and the daylight increases, we’re able to spend more time outdoors. The midday mochachino we used all winter to warm us up and keep us energized just doesn’t have the same appeal. Water is what we really crave – and it does more than quench our thirst. Studies have shown that water improves mental performance, helps regulate digestion, and maintains our “cool” by allowing the body to sweat. But does water just sound like a snooze? Wake it up by adding fresh lemon, cucumbers, or lime! Iced herbal tea makes a great alternative altogether, and if you are itching for some bubbles, grab an all-natural flavored seltzer…just be sure you don’t grab the kind with added sugars.

NLT: Want to get creative and make your own sparkling sensation? Try an at-home version by purchasing a Sodastream sparkling water kit. In less than 30 seconds, this machine will turn fresh water into a carbonated beverage. Experiment with fun flavors by adding lime, pomegranate, or blueberry juice!

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