October 2011 Stress Less


Just Say No. We aren’t talking about drugs, we are talking about lowering your stress level! From birthday parties to work events, you have Yessed! yourself into a tizzy. Sound familiar? We are giving you permission to say NO! this week to anything new that crops up. Research shows that “multitasking” is really a misnomer; when you set yourself up with several things to do at once, one thing always takes precedence and you end up doing a shoddy job on everything else. Accept that you are not a superhuman and pencil in some time for yourself.

NLT: This October, why not take on an epic novel? You’ve always wanted to read Anna Karenina or War and Peace but never could get around to it. October is still warm enough to read in the park. The joys and sorrows of these riveting pages might just be a perfect way to de-stress and even take a literary staycation. Many classics are available for free on your e-Reader so you can dive into a new adventure anywhere you go.

What are your favorite books? What are your favorite stress relievers? Are you guilty of saying YES! all the time?


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