Non-Alcoholic Wine Can Make a Happier Hour!


What happens when happy hour turns into happy hours? A study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that one glass of wine might help prevent women from gaining weight.  Caveat: more is not better, as multiple glasses can have the opposite affect. If you are starting to spend the  warm, breezy Friday evenings on your deck with a drink in hand, enjoy every sip of those 4 ounces and then reach for the seltzer!

NLT: If you want to eliminate your happy hour alcohol but still partake in the fun, try Ariel Vinyards wine.  These grapes are sustainably grown and fermented like their alcoholic counterparts then dealcoholized before being bottled.  This provides a quality taste minus the headache (and a third of the calories). They even tell you what to pair each varietal with…  Cheers!

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