May 2011: Sleep Deep

Sleeping Girl

According to Dr. James Maas, from Cornell University, 65% of Americans are sleep-deprived daily. This leads to inadequate physical and cognitive ability, fatigue, overeating and even depression. Let’s get maximum enjoyment from May daytime hours by getting a good night’s rest.

NLT: Those long May days might make it difficult to get to bed at night, making it hard to be an early riser. Try some Buddhist meditation in the morning and evening to relax your body and mind. This form of meditation is found to lower your stress-induced hormone cortisol, and lower your pulse rate to keep you cool, calm, and collected. Pick up a how-to book at your local bookstore, or check your local listings for a Meditation Center near you. Many have classes for beginners, skeptics, and people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

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