March 2011: Sleep Deep

Unmade Bed

These facts may give you nightmares: A Consumer Product Safety Commission study estimates that the average adult sleeping on a conventional mattress – meaning one that is most likely made with petroleum-based ingredients and treated with fire retardants – will be exposed to .802 milligrams of antimony and .081 milligrams of boric acid. What does this mean? Well, boric acid is a roach killer and antimony is a heavy metal closely related to arsenic. While these amounts are deemed safe for those over 5-years-old, wouldn’t you sleep deeper knowing you’re doing what you can to at least minimize your exposure to these chemicals?

NLT: The next time you are due for a new mattress, go organic! Choose a mattress made with non-toxic materials like wool and latex from rubber trees, which are both naturally fire-resistant. Organic mattresses may not be the cheapest, but the cost inflicted on the environment is significantly less than that of conventional one. Be sure to dispose of your mattress in the most eco-friendly way possible – look into local mattress recycling centers in your area.

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