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Good news: staying in bed longer can actually keep the weight off!  Here’s proof: As Dr. James Maas writes in “Sleep for Success,” Cornell researchers found that with every additional hour of sleep, a child’s risk of obesity decreases by 9 percent!  Multiple studies found that lack of sleep is inversely related to diabetes, weight gain and diet-related diseases. Participants who lightly exercised between the hours of 5pm and 7pm and slept for 8 hours consumed 22 percent fewer calories, compared to those who slept for 4 hours.

NLT: Ever been lucky enough to score 10 hours of sleep on a weekend only to become a zombie for the rest of the day? This is usually due to waking up while in your deepest sleep phase. One of our favorite phone apps, the Sleep Cycle, prevents this from happening. It records your sleep patterns over the course of a few nights and then, beginning about 30 minutes before your alarm is set to go off, watches for the lightest portions of your sleep cycle. It gently prods you awake with your choice of soothing preset sounds so you can kiss the zombie days goodbye!

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