Grays be gone! Hair dye has been a symbol of female youth for decades, so naturally we’re looking for the most modern approach to an old must-have. Research now shows that calcium found in yogurt might be the key to luscious locks, and this new hair dye is taking a hint. Yo Color hair dye is made from a yogurt base with all natural ingredients and is completely chemical free. Go ahead and embrace your inner (au natural) diva……will tomorrow be a blond or brunette day? You get to choose!

NLT: Happy with your natural hue? Yogurt might still be your hair’s best pal. While taking a bath in yogurt is good for your skin, it might take a toll on your a.m. routine. Adding a little bit of the good stuff to your hair is a fast remedy with major perks, however. Try mixing yogurt and your favorite herb for a fresh smelling, homemade hair mask pumped with calcium, protein and nutrients galore!

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