Camping doesn’t have to be an RV parked at a campground. A real camping getaway can be a romantic weekend that includes a challenging hike, followed by a fireside dinner. Not only is camping a great escape from your busy life, it’s also a perfect time to reunite with your partner under the starry sky and without distractions. This may be key to a lasting relationship as studies show that couples that spend more time together doing leisure activities are more satisfied with their relationship. So bring some wine in your hiking bag and a comfy sleeping mat for a truly perfect summer’s night.

NLT: Take that romantic getaway to the next level of coziness by investing in an intimate sleeping bag for two. Don’t want to splurge quite yet? Simply buy two sleeping bags that zip together. Snuggle up under the stars with no distractions and no distance between the two of you. We guarantee it will be one night to remember. Here’s a link to one of our favorites–the Big Agnes:

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