Dog Walk

While you should never forget to reward yourself, this month why not show that special someone, or something, in your life you care? No, we’re not talking about your significant other; we’re talking about your furry four-legged friend–your dog! The physical and emotional benefits of having a dog are countless. Dogs can help reduce stress and blood pressure and even render the lives of people with disabilities more functional. Patients who receive dog visits in hospitals have also been shown to require less pain medication. While it’s no secret that these cute canines make excellent companions, did you know they could even help your waistline? Research has shown that people who walk their dogs lose more weight than when they walk alone or with a friend. These furry creatures are not only trusted friends, but can also be motivating exercise partners!

NLT: Looking to try something new with your dog? How about some “doga” (also known as dog yoga)? Many yoga studios are offering classes catered to you and your dog. Instructors guide you and your pooch through poses—like downward facing dog, of course!—offering the same tension relieving benefits for the both of you. Not into yoga? Try finding a new dog-friendly trail and taking a hike. This website offers tips for fun adventures with your dog anywhere in the U.S:

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