It’s N-ommmm-vember!!

We all know November can signify the beginning of a stressful holiday season. And who can blame us? We have trips, gifts to buy, final exams, and the last preparations for these festive months. It is the perfect time to de-stress before the madness and clear your mind. Did you ever think meditation would be the medicine to relieve us? It’s no surprise that research has shown that meditation has been associated with relaxation. Relaxation also has a plus you may not know; it can improve our memory, so we don’t miss any of the oh-so important planning for the holidays. So, before you go to bed or whenever you can get it in, meditate so you can wipe that stress away and call it a day!


NLT: If you have never meditated before, open your minds to a new experience that will leave you more relaxed, refreshed and at peace after you practice it. Gabby Bernstein is an expert when it comes to meditation. If you think this isn’t for you, go and check out Gabby Bernstein’s Guided Meditation Series , you might be surprised…And for those of you who are already believers, check out her latest book “May Cause Miracles.”

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