How to Get Abs Without Doing a Million Crunches


Want to get abs, stat?

My good friend (and fitness superstar) Natalie Jill makes a good point: everyone has abs, it’s just about whether or not yours are hiding. And if they do require a little more seeking than you’d prefer, she’s got plenty of great workout advice to help you find them.

In this video, I’m chatting with Jill about her functional fitness approach to building core strength, how she works her abs during every exercise, and why intensity is key. (Of course we talk diet, too, since it’s impossible to get abs without considering your kitchen habits.)

The best part? Nowhere in the video does she recommend spending two hours a day doing crunches at the gym. In fact, her approach generally involves fast workouts you can do anywhere. You’re welcome.

How to Get Abs Without Doing a Million Crunches



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