Halloween the Healthy Way

Halloween Pumpkin
Scary things are going to happen if you eat a pillow-case bag filled with Halloween candy, like you did when you were a kid. The kid-version of you may have been able to handle a ton of candy without paying the price on the scale, but the adult version of you will not be so forgiving. This year I’m reminding you to have one delicious mini treat to celebrate the holiday, but after that I want you to focus on celebrating without the candy. I’m not being a witch, I’m being your angel, and looking out for you with these ideas:

Plan a sensational trick: break out your sinister self and create an amazing prank on someone. Remember to be good natured about it, and clever in your devising. Fake cockroaches in someone’s food can be hysterical. A little superglue to a quarter on the sidewalk can keep you in stitches. Put red Kool Aid in the shower head. . . that one freaks ‘em out every time.  And, Kool Aid certainly should go anywhere near our insides! Of course, you cannot go wrong with a little whoopee cushion action. Laughter is really healthy. It makes good sense to me. I feel great when I have a good laugh, but research actually has been done. Benefits of a good chuckle include:

  • Laughter makes you relax – it relieves tension held in your bod and it relieves stress. After a bout of good humor, your muscles will show relaxation responses for 45 minutes!
  • Laughing is good for your immune system – it raises immune cells and improves resistance to disease.
  • Laughing releases endorphins – those are the “feel good” chemicals that create a sense of well being and can even relieve feelings of pain.
  • Laughing is good for the heart – it improves blood flow, which can help prevent heart attacks and problems related to the heart.

Plan a scary movie marathon: the obvious choice is to watch Halloween movies, of which there are many. Choose an oldie but goodie or try something new and prepare to scream in fright! I’m a retro girl, with a particular love of old horror – Psycho, Motel Hell and The Shining are on the top of my list. Grab a friend, love or pet and snuggle down. I want you to get your love in and maximize the benefits of snuggling. What are they? Glad you asked:

  • Snuggling boosts your immunity – similar to laughing, kissing, hugging and hand holding raise immune cells and fights disease.
  • Kissing is good for your face – it actually has been proven that sharing saliva can prevent tooth decay and giving your face a workout burns calories and reduces stress.
  • Oxytocin is released – release your oxytocin, friends. It is the hormone associated with orgasm in women, but is also released when snuggling – the amazing benefit is stress reduction and lowering of blood pressure. Get the love in!

Haunt the house: re-invent your home or work space to celebrate the fall and season of Halloween. Light pumpkin spice candles. Accessorize your home with hand carved pumpkins. Use holiday festive linens and tableware. While you are at it, why not re-season your wardrobe? Pack away the summer items you still have taking up space in your entryway. Make the rooms you spend the most time in every day geared towards the fall season. There are important benefits to feeling happy and clean in your environment. You should love the space you spend most of the time in. It will help you be happier and more productive.

  • Uncluttered environments = uncluttered mind – it is true that if your space is full of stuff, your brain will be too. It is more relaxing to be in a clean space than a cluttered one. Studies prove this, but even if they didn’t, it is true for me!
  • Clean homes are healthier – dusty or unclean homes can contribute to asthma, colds and the spreading of bacteria. Who wants that?
  • Social benefits – if you have a clean house, you are more likely to share it with friends and family. Put up some skeletons and pumpkins to accessorize and show off your gorgeous space!

There you have it, friends. Halloween with your health first . . . a very mature way to celebrate . . . I doubt you’ll even miss the candy! Who needs it when you are tricking, cuddling and beautifying your digs? Happy Halloween.

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