Hair Removal Au Natural

Leg wax

When you’re relaxing at the beach, the last thing you you want to worry about is embarrassing body hair. Studies confirm that removing unwanted body hair is a true pre-beach routine for many.  In fact, women and an increasing number of men spend millions on this ritual each year.  In an effort to save a few bucks, more and more people are now turning to at-home solutions like shaving, depilatories (creams that remove hair), and waxing— all of which can cause unsightly bumps and bad reactions!  That’s why, according to Consumer Reports, many hair-removal products are going more natural by eliminating scary chemicals that can cause breakouts.

NLT: So the next time you’re in a hairy situation, get in on some natural action with Moon Organic Hair Removal Kit.  This USDA-certified organic product was founded on the premise that the skin is a receptive organ that absorbs what you put on it, so they’ve taken out all the harsh ingredients and replaced them with nourishing goodies.  That way, you can can go “au natural”, the natural way!

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