Green Tea On-The-Go

Iced Green Tea
Oh that blistering heat of summer…It encourages us to drink up all kinds of beverages! But, we shouldn’t drink to simply to stay hydrated; drinks can be healthy too. Beverages like coffee, wine and certain teas allow us to add loads of antioxidants into our diets. As a reminder, antioxidants scavenge our bodies for cell-damaging free radicals, helping to protect us from heart disease, cancer, and even wrinkles! Green tea in particular contains far more antioxidants than even some of our beloved fruits and veggies. A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found a 46-65% reduced risk of hypertension in regular consumers of green tea.  No need to wait for winter to get on the green tea bandwagon!

NLT: Here’s an idea brewing for you: try Green Tea extracts from Pure Inventions. One dropper full of this delicious extract in your bottle of water allows you to reap the benefits of drinking roughly 8 to 10 cups worth of antioxidant rich green tea. If you’re not already a green tea lover you can experiment with flavors like peach, raspberry, and tropical. Keep it in your purse or drink it on the go. The equation is simple: open + drop = healthy drink. Who knew drinking green tea could be this easy?


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