Feel Great for July 4th


Fireworks: inspiring, exciting, powerful, unusual. We all love the feeling that comes from the sky exploding in celebration. Firework feelings should not be saved for one precious day each year when we celebrate our country’s independence. We all want to feel a bit more excitement and magic these days. Let’s use this July 4th to focus on feeling the fireworks as we wait for the train, go through the to-do list of our lives and work and play in our communities. I’m offering a few words of wisdom to get you started. Try them out this week and reflect as you watch the sky burst with lights this July 4th.

Sleep Deep: poorly rested bodies experience delayed responses, dulled energy, metabolic inefficiency and worsened decision making. Want to feel energized and explosive? Tuck yourself in. Aim for a minimum of 7 hours between the sheets, treat yourself to a 20 minute nap if you expect a late night and lie down for a quick siesta when the stimulant from your morning coffee wears off.

Love More: while I have you thinking about your time between the sheets, go ahead and up your feel good hormones with a little bit of touching. Sex related activities flood the body with oxytocin, which is the hormone responsible for that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when the big sky-rockets go off under the covers. Most of us could benefit from making a little more time for intimate activities, so turn the tube off sooner and have some fun!

Nurture Yourself: if you want to feel more fireworks in your life, you have to feel firework worthy. There are amazing benefits to feeling your best: your posture straightens, your attitude and outlook brighten, you put a better version of yourself out into the world. Think about what makes you feel pampered. Do you feel good when you take a few extra minutes to use a delicious moisturizer? Spend a few extra minutes on your hair? Go for a manicure or massage? What does it for you? It is not selfish to spend these few extra minutes on your self care. You deserve to both look and feel your best.

I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July and the feelings of awe, inspiration and wonder find you more often than just once a year. Try these tips. You’re Independence feeling can shine anytime!

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