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A Quick Primer on Healthy Portion Sizes

Q: If I’m eating healthy, whole foods, do portion sizes still matter? If so, how do I figure them out? A: Most nutrition experts (including me!) agreed a long time ago that calorie counting is not the best strategy for eating well. That doesn’t mean, however, that portion sizes aren’t helpful. Overeating is still a… Read This Entry »

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6 Surprising Causes of Digestive Distress

By Danielle Capalino, MSPH, RD, NLC I spend a lot of my time talking about how FODMAPs can lead to digestive distress. However, there are many other foods that can trigger uncomfortable (and embarrassing) tummy troubles. RELATED: What the Heck is a FODMAP? And issues like bloating are not just a pain—an out-of-whack digestive system… Read This Entry »

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How to Incorporate Omega-3s into Every Meal

Oh, omega-3s. You’ve heard the magic word many times and are already a believer, right? While they don’t have the sexiest scientific name, the fatty acids are often referred to as “good fats” or “healthy fats.” They should be. In the body, omega-3s are involved in the formation of cell membranes, the production of important… Read This Entry »

Inflammatory Foods Eat Empowered

The Inflammatory Foods You Should Really Avoid

If your body were a forest, inflammatory foods would be the sparks that start small fires—which later lead to a slow, destructive burn that destroys the entire system. Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but you get the picture. Inflammation is a scary process that is linked to nearly every chronic disease. While you may know… Read This Entry »

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A Modern Guide to Ancient Grains

Whole wheat, brown rice, oats…you already know these can be part of a balanced diet, but what about ancient grains, AKA their grainy grandparents? Filled with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, they’ve been cultivated for a long time (for good reason) and many of them have specific health benefits, provide energy, and promote satiety. RELATED: The… Read This Entry »

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Should You Avoid High-Cholesterol Foods?

Q: I’ve been hearing mixed things: Does eating high-cholesterol foods lead to high cholesterol in the body? For a long time, doctors and dietitians’ advice was to skip high-cholesterol foods. But just like we discovered eating fats doesn’t always make you fat (yay!), research increasingly confirms that cholesterol in food doesn’t necessarily raise cholesterol levels… Read This Entry »