CAN DO: Teatime Challenge



Every #MotivationMonday I’m challenging you to bring out a slightly better version of YOU…by Friday. This week I am challenging you to drink two cups of unsweetened green tea each day.  Tea is the second most slurped beverage (second only to water) in the world and if you are not partaking, well, it’s about time you jump on the tea train!

While all teas offer benefits, the green version is tops. The health properties linked to green tea are inarguable. There are antioxidant and cancer fighting benefits, heart health properties and compelling evidence that 5 or more cups a day are linked to longevity. I want to be around long enough to hear you tell me, “you were right about drinkin’ the green tea!”

I know . . . you’re hung up on the unsweetened part, right? Don’t write this challenge off yet. Try these:

  • Brew your own green tea. That way you can make it strong or subtle as your taste buds desire
  • If caffeine makes you wonky, the first dunk of the tea bag releases most of the caffeine, so dunk your bag, ditch the first cup and then re-use your bag (or just buy the decaf version)
  • If you like stronger tea, add more tea, but don’t increase the brew time, which can make it taste bitter
  • If the flavor is hard for you to choke down, or you’ve had a bad experience with green tea tasting like gym socks in the past, make a blend. Add mint, chamomile or ginger flavored herbal tea to offset the taste
  • Yes. You can have it iced. I even recommend making ice cubes out of your green tea (with a pretty mint leaf frozen in there for garnish) to pop in your green tea or even water

C’mon, this challenge is not only refreshing, but super simple! You can do it. If I can convert you to a green tea drinker in these 5 days, we may be adding hours . . . days . . . weeks . . . to your life!

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