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The Need-To-Know Facts on Salt in Food

Q: How much salt is too much salt in food, and should I sprinkle on a specific kind? A: There’s a reason we say good people are “the salt of the earth” and reliable people are “worth their salt.” Salt, or sodium chloride, is a valuable mineral. It’s an essential nutrient the human body cannot… Read This Entry »

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The Most Unexpected Way to Serve Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a healthy staple that land on your grocery list regularly. You’ve roasted, mashed, and baked them, but have you used them in…cupcakes? Yes, sweet potato desserts are actually delicious and can be amazingly healthy. You’ve already ditched all-purpose flour and begun baking with healthier flours, but maybe it’s time for you serve the tasty tubers in… Read This Entry »

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3 Foods That Fight A Bloated Belly

We all want to look (and feel!) our best, and having a bloated belly pretty much crushes both of those dreams. Whether you have an event coming up, a big night out, or you just could use to let go of a little extra puffiness around your midsection, we’ve all had those moments where debloating… Read This Entry »

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The Best Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you know anything about Nutritious Life, you know we’re all about our conscious indulgences (and I’m all about the chocolate chip cookies)! But we also believe in them having their own special time and place. Every one of Rachel Mansfield’s recipes always have my mouth watering, and her Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies are no different… Read This Entry »

tips for better sleep Sleep Deep

6 Tips for Better Sleep

Aside from food (and sex perhaps) what’s our favorite topic? Sleep! Only 30% of Americans reported their sleep as being “very good” or “excellent”, which leaves the vast majority of Americans surveyed in desperate need of increasing the amount and quality of their sleep. So let’s flip the mattress and improve your sleep. Not only… Read This Entry »

healthy smoothie recipes Drink Up

The Formula for Healthy Smoothie Recipes

People are always asking me for healthy smoothie recipes. And of course, there are MILLIONS of combinations you can throw together with whatever you have in your kitchen at the time, and there are so many delicious recipes out there to try!   But I have a go to formula that is perfect for adjusting… Read This Entry »

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The 6 Best Gluten-Free Flours

by Solana Nolfo, NLC Some might say that there’s a fine line between a muffin and a cupcake—but I like to think that there’s a fine line between a muffin and a salad. Okay, okay—so maybe that’s a maaaaaajor stretch, but if you choose your ingredients wisely, you can do yourself a real nutritional favor… Read This Entry »