Did your dog ruin another pair of your favorite shoes? Did your significant other forget to pick up groceries again? Did your kids spill grape juice all over your new white carpet? Let’s face it: we all get angry! While keeping it bottled up inside may seem like the right thing to do sometimes, research shows that letting out some aggression may actually help keep stress levels in check. Research also shows that by expressing anger, we are more likely to make better decisions in general. Since anger is easier to manage when it’s expressed, letting it out will help you cope and move on to more stress-free days. So go ahead, let it out! Just make sure you do it in a productive manner.

NLT: Looking for a new way to express your anger without looking like a maniac? Why not try letting out aggression and toning muscles? Yes, it’s possible to do both! We suggest blowing off some steam with Capoeira. From the land famous for acai, supermodels, and sublime beaches, Capoeira is a hot trend to come from the fabulous country of Brazil. It combines dance with martial arts for an active workout that’ll let you channel your stress and anger in a healthy, fun and beautiful way.  To learn some basic moves check out:

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