A little stress isn’t always a bad thing…

 Beach And Chair

Stress is bad for you… Right? Well, not always. New research has shown that short-term stress can actually have health benefits. This brief period of stress is called the fight-or-flight response, and is a reaction to immediate threats or danger…Think Superwoman.  During this time, your body’s immune system is boosted to prepare for possible injury as a means of protection. Don’t jump into the boxing ring just yet – this added bonus only happens from short periods of stress, not from the chronic stress most of us live with. Although a tiny bit of stress can be good, too much is not.

NLT: A favorite de-stressor of mine (and probably yours, too) is heading to the beach for some R&R. When you’re working on your tan or out cruising on a boat your stress hormones are often in a nice happy place. And although we should all be detached from technology it is not always possible…and when our phone dies…AAAHHH! Stress! This clearly defeats all of your efforts at relaxation. Not anymore. Solio Solar Products, a solar-powered battery charger, is your new life jacket. All you do is plug your smartphone (or any USB-powered device) into this charger, and voila! Charging begins. Save the stress for something else, and soak up the sun with no worries.


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